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Raspberry Pi <3 - jmbi - 26-07-2012

The Raspberry Pi is really a beautiful thing. Here is a little poem I found.

Quote:The day my R-Pi arrived…

It was in a little box, all wrapped up nice and warm.

It lay there, silent, quiet and cold, only a few days from being born.

It didn"t light up, it didn"t make a sound.

It said nothing, it didn"t move.

Just wires and circuits and plugs and sockets all around.

I carefully picked it up and fed it a wire,

Then another and another, until it was a spider,

Finger poised on the switch, to turn on this little mite,

I cackled a laugh as I gave a shout…"it"s alive I tell you",

And on came a light!

A flash of brilliance and my screen was a blur,

Thousands of numbers and letters, of what I'm not sure,

They spin past too fast to see,

But soon it settles on a little command line,

Blinking at me, it's heart beating with mine.

The wonders this little creature holds within,

I know not where to start or where to begin,

The possibilities are endless, it's potential unbound,

What tasks to apply to this $25 treasure,

Time will tell, with some programming pleasure.

I haven't done much with the Raspberry Pi yet, I just slapped some Debian Wheezy image on it and have been doing some simple tests. I have been watching full 1080p movies on it with the included omxplayer on the Wheezy image I mentioned above. It easily handles the movies, and plays them like nothing. For $35, I wouldn't expect that.

I have also been trying out glsl shaders on the system, and that is quite interesting. But here are some pictured that I have taken of both the Raspberry and the screen itself.

Running Weechat!
[Image: drhQ0.png]

Proof of the Pi
[Image: fJ5mq.png]
Sorry for bad quality :P

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - lembas - 01-08-2012

bwahaha Dr_Wank.

Good times.

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - Jayro - 01-08-2012

Nice! I plan on picking up a Rasberry Pi and using it as a rogue machine. My plan is to have it run some recon on a network it's plugged into and give me a backdoor. I hope to be able to drop it on any network and then have remote access to that network. There is a word for these, I just don't remember it.

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - vompatti - 05-08-2012

After pi booted up:

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - Robby - 08-08-2012

My PI needs its firmware updated before I can get the HDMI to work out of the box.

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - jazzycool - 08-08-2012

YEAH! guys even i am waiting for my one own R-pi.

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - klr - 13-08-2012

What is its purpose and/or useful for? Or is it all just about the hack value?

EDIT: Did some research, I think I gonna order one.

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - venam - 18-08-2012

:-( They don't ship them in my contry... I am dreaming of having one!
Btw, I like what the guy from does with those little RP, he does dropbox and other cool stuffs.

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - Taanny - 18-09-2012

I think there are some pictured that I have taken of both the Raspberry and the screen itself.

RE: Raspberry Pi <3 - yrmt - 18-09-2012

yes. A very inexpensive and small computer. Could be improved a lot tho