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Vim setups - Ippytraxx - 05-11-2013

So I've been using a Vim plugin for Netbeans for programming and I've been thinking about trying eclim (Eclipse + Vim).

Please post what plugins, configs, mappings, etc that you recommend.


RE: Vim setups - z3bra - 05-11-2013

Avoid plugins. Not that they're evil, but because they hide basic functionnality of vims to new comers.

Using plugins while learning Vim (because yes, you have to LEARN Vim) is counter efficient, because it adds many shortcuts to the default one, wrap functionnalities, delete others (the basic remap of "," to leader pisses me off).

Seriously, use vim WITHOUT any plugin, with a basic config. When you will be used to the default config (I mean, no more mouse, hjkl and almost never in insert mode), continue practicing. If you run into something that vim do not do by default, try to write a function to do that for you (eg, complete current word while pressing <Tab>).

And if you need more than that, check out the available plugins. Do not forget that vim can interact with its environment, with the "!" command.

This and this are great resources for any vim user.

Also, to answer your fisrt question, here is my config:

* ~/.vimrc
* ~/.vim/

I actually use not plugin, cause I've never ran into a problem that plain old vim can't solve. Pretty happy without it :)

RE: Vim setups - Ippytraxx - 05-11-2013

I already know Vim, used it as a plugin in Netbeans. I've just never actually "used" Vim as in the actual editor. That's why I want to take it one step further and use plugins to extend what I already know.

Thanks for you vimrc.

RE: Vim setups - venam - 05-11-2013

I'm using supertab, nerdtree, and vim-bling.
I barely, use nerdtree, in fact, but I still have it installed.

RE: Vim setups - dcat - 05-11-2013


And of course jellybeans.vim

RE: Vim setups - Ippytraxx - 05-11-2013

Aight thanks guys!

Seems like NERDTree is recommended all 'round so I'll have to check it out.

RE: Vim setups - earsplit - 06-11-2013

That plugin is immensly useful and has saved me many compile-error-edit-compile-error-edit steps. It works across almost any filetype.

RE: Vim setups - vompatti - 06-11-2013

Unixfabbers with vim, if you want awesome replacement for NERDTree, try CommandT:

Of course, if you wanna have tree view of you project, NERDTree is the way to go but CommandT allows you to open files quicker than ever.

And my setup:
- CommandT
- NERDTree (I dont use this so often)
- jedi-vim
- conque-term (I dont use this either so often)
- indentLine
- supertab
- TaskList
- vim-airline
- solarized
- golang

and phantogen for plugin management

RE: Vim setups - Ippytraxx - 06-11-2013

>and phantogen for plugin management

I heard vundle was slightly better, any thoughts?

RE: Vim setups - vompatti - 06-11-2013

Never used vundle =/ Maybe I try it next time I start playing around with plugins but it's been easy for me to just git clone git repos to install plugin.
Just cd ~/.vim/bundle/ && git clone [repo].

RE: Vim setups - crshd - 06-11-2013

Vundle takes care of cloning the repos for you. It's a zero-hassle solution, I quite liked it.

RE: Vim setups - kirby - 06-11-2013

I use none at all, Vim does everything I want, which isn't much. That and I'm fairly new to Vim so I haven't really explored the options, but there's no glaring hole at the moment.

RE: Vim setups - vompatti - 06-11-2013

yeah? well I've been using vim almost 2 years and I suck at movement =/

RE: Vim setups - Ippytraxx - 06-11-2013

Well it looks like Eclim comes with an almost NERDTree clone built in. Also thanks for the heads up on vundle crshd, seems like the way to go.

RE: Vim setups - berk - 07-11-2013

I use Vim 7.4 --with-features=huge.

My vimrc as a paragraph:

Show commands on the right corner, no backup, show line numbers, show ruler, make search "make sense", indent like a real man and enable syntax.

One thing that really helps me is to set "jj" to go to the normal mode (inoremap jj <Esc>). I've disabled the arrow keys, as I use them for different purposes now.

I use the plugins Tabular and Fugitive, and I use Pathogen to manage them. I use a very simple colorscheme which allows me to differentiate from white to nonwhite. :P

Remember: Vim is a text editor, not an IDE.

RE: Vim setups - shtols - 18-11-2013

I just "debloated" my ~/.vimrc and threw out all the necessary plugins. I spent more time trying to tweak my configuration rather than actively using vim, that was a very big mistake. (If you want to see my ~/.vimrc, it's on Github.)

RE: Vim setups - vompatti - 30-12-2013

Yo, guys!

Check out vim's relativenumber if you haven't already, it's neat ;)

:set relativenumber

RE: Vim setups - z3bra - 31-12-2013

Just discovered this while cleaning up my vimrc:
Create a massive tag file upon every library you got
~$ ctags -R -f ~/.vim/systags /usr/include /usr/local/include

Use it with omni completion: <C-X><C-O> (The "SyntaxComplete" plugin is integrated to vim since 7.3 AFAIK)
set tags+=~/.vim/systags
au FileType c set omnifunc=ccomplete#Complete