Favorite Terminal Applications - BSD
Music / Video Streamer: mps / mpsyt
File Manager: ranger
IRC Client: weechat
Terminal Emulator: rxvt-unicode
System Monitor: htop
Text Editor: vim
Screenshot: scrot
Torrent Client: transmission
Music / Video Streamer: sox, mpg123, cmus / mpv
File Manager: mc
IRC Client: irssi
Terminal Emulator: xterm
System Monitor: htop
Text Editor: vim
Screenshot: scrot
Torrent Client: rtorrent
Pod Client: mashpodder
Image Viewer: feh
music: mpd / ncmpcpp
video: mpv
music / video streamer: livestreamer, mpsyt
file Manager: coreutils
irc client: weechat
terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode
system monitor: ps / occasionally glances
text editor: vim -> maybe neovim soon
screenshot: maim
torrent client: transmission-remote-cli
image viewer: meh
mail: mutt
other / fun: terminibbles | calcurse | mosh
You should make a template for others to fill it would make it more simple.
music/video streamer:
file manager:
irc client:
terminal emulator:
system monitor:
text editor:
torrent client:
image viewer:
mail client:

Just a draft template
Hey that's my template! Give it back.
audio: mpd + mpc / ncmpcpp
video: mpv
files: coreutils + ag / ranger
irc: irsssi
terminal emulator: urxvt
shell: zsh
multiplexer: tmux
system monitor: ps / htop / nmon / glances
editor: vim
screenshot: scrot
image viewer: w3m / feh
mail: mutt
fun: figlet / toilet

audio: mpd + ncmpcpp
video: mplayer
files: coreutils and ranger
irc: irssi
terminal emulator: urxvt + zsh
system monitor: ps / htop / bmon / nmon / dstat/ glances (all aliased of course to mon1,mon2,etc..)
editor: vim
screenshot: scrot
image viewer: w3m inside ranger
mail: on the terminal I use a custom script or alpine
music: sox
video: mplayer
music/video streamer: mpd/ffmpeg
file manager: coreutils / noice
irc client: irssi / sic / ii
terminal emulator: st
system monitor: /proc
text editor: vis / vim
screenshot: xscreenshot + if2png
torrent client: btpd
image viewer: meh / lel
mail client: mutt
other/fun: dtach / dvtm / dwarffortress
music: emacs
video: emacs
music/video streamer: emacs
file manager: emacs
irc client: emacs
terminal emulator: emacs
system monitor: emacs
text editor: emacs
screenshot: emacs
torrent client: emacs
image viewer: emacs
mail client: emacs
other/fun: emacs

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