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I'm leaning towards a whole distro, as well. I feel it could really spread knowledge and experience among the forum, and attract new members looking to work on a large project of the sorts.
(11-02-2014, 01:21 AM)NeoTerra Wrote: What kind of distro are we going to do that hasn't been done yet, though?


I'm sure you guys are creative enough to come up with something that hasn't been done before.
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We could all write drivers for FreeBSD, so every time I install it on a laptop I don't spend the next 10 hours wishing I had chosen to cave my skull in with a framing hammer instead.
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Originally the idea was to create a rolling-release BSD system, similar to ArchBSD but building off the work yrmt has been doing with pkgsrc. However I'm open to ideas. I feel like a software project might be a better place to start. A distro is a pretty large undertaking, and requires a lot of unanimous decisions, and a decent amount of marketing to make the whole thing feasible.

UnixHub is gaining some pretty solid internet presence and I think if we all get behind one thing we could make something super useful. There is great potential here :)
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Why not create a *nix game. A game will needs everyone participation.

If you guys want to work on a nice minimal yet modern rolling release BSD system with pkgsrc, try to help with EdgeBSD.
(11-02-2014, 03:25 AM)venam Wrote: Why not create a *nix game. A game will needs everyone participation.

If a distro is not acceptable, I am all for a game, or game engine. A game would allow many people, who may not write C or C++, but could have helped with the distro, still work on the project. I've been playing with an engine myself, and feel confident we could create something modern, powerful, and OSS that really embodies the UnixHub spirit.
I read that as "playing with something using an (existing) engine", although it's not quite clear.

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Yeah you should just play with SDL.
(12-02-2014, 01:06 AM)NeoTerra Wrote: Game engines are extremely time and work intensive, I don't think anyone (that I know of) here has the skill set for a gaming engine.

Well, then, let's make a game, or a distro, if an engine is out of our capabilities. All of my GL work has been with GLFW, GLEW, GLM, although I have *played* with SFML and SDL. Were we to write a game, I would assume that we'd use GL with a language in the C family - am I correct in this assumption? If so, then we need to decide on libs and frameworks. A lot of people like SDL, and I can understand why, but I'd prefer if we used GLFW.

Does this mean that we *aren't* making a distro, or are we simply discussing possibilities?

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