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Window Manager 8 36.36%
Desktop Environment 0 0%
Init System 3 13.64%
Browser 4 18.18%
Linux or BSD distro 1 4.55%
Other 6 27.27%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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So we basically forget the idea to make a new project. Everyone will just dump their script to the nixers repo. Am I right ?
OpenSSL alternative?
we can make a shell, can call it nix shell.
A standalone process supervision tool to go along with sinit etc. would be nice. I am personally a big fan of process supervision as I prefer processes that crash and/or stop for whatever reason to not be restarted until a human operator has diagnosed the underlying issue.

It might however be something that you guys are interested in, I know of several people who would like this.

s/I am/I am not/
When we push our private keys to the private key repo, how should we encrypt them? ROT13? XOR? Changing the extension from '.txt' to '.encrypted'? Should we just not encrypt them and put them on ftp.nixers.net? I mean, what are the chances someone would guess the IP, right?

These are all very serious questions.
my website: kaashif.co.uk
You can upload your keys on the default keyservers.

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