Workflow Compilation [finished] - Desktop Customization & Workflow
Funny experience! You all made it look too easy.
This thread went way better than what I expected? A big thanks to everybody here for your submissions!

I'm currently scaling all the videos down to 1280x720, in order to have a coherent compilation. I'm not quite sure of how I'll compile them together.. Maybe just concatenate them, add the nickname as a transition and a cool soundtrack all along.

If you have any idea on what the final cut could be, please share ! (I'm not a video editing expert, so please don't propose extreme scifi effects and such...)
hope it's not too late ;-;
Edit: Decided to do a new one
Submissions are closed! I'll start working on the compilation. I'll try to finish it by the end of the week. If you have any idea, please share!
Haha I am too late :P . Do you plan on doing a 2nd version with other challenges ?
Well, to be fair, this was not what I had in mind. But it's still a pretty cool set of videos!

So yeah, I'll organize a new thread around workflow compilations, with a different goal. But let's end this one first :)
As we were discussing in irc, here are a couple of chilled out tracks with no vocals, that I /hope/ would suit most people's taste, and not be too intrusive.
I love these songs, even if I don't understand why you posted them in this thread :P
To give ideas for the soundtracks

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