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In current course work (real-time systems) we're writing bare-metal C on an AVR Butterfly. I'm surprised at how comfy the language is, especially coming from C++. With all warnings enabled, I have yet to subconsciously write any egregious, yet compiling errors. The only issues have been with odd hardware designs.
I've been writing a set of python scripts to analyse a set of stereolithography files, measuring them by fitting cuboids to the surface to get measures of anterior / mid / posterior, width / height / depth on sagital, coronal and axial planes. Also fitting shapes to the interior (mainly cylinders) so that I can get an approximation of their stiffness. Writing in python so that I can use matplotlib to check what I'm measuring makes sense.
I'm trying to post stuff on my blog (strangequark.tk).
I also have a project (pricetracker.tk), it's a tracker for product prices written in PHP, I'm lacking motivation to keep it going, I'm thinking of putting it on GitHub under GPL v2, if anyone wants to contribute you are welcome.
After the awesome Scavenger Hunt on nixers, i got really into CTF and Wargames, so i started to play HackTheBox a lot and now, i'm doing the OSCP. I also build a fuzzing cluster on a stack of Raspberry PI's and playing a bit with it. Performance is a bit underwhelming but it's more about how to set it up and manage it, to get it straight on better hardware in the future :)
I did a small utility to "rollback" packages on Arch Linux. It basically generates a list of packages installed on the system and provides a way to restore the missing packages and remove the packages that aren't on that list.

Sometimes I install some packages and then I make a big mess, with this utility I can revert the packages for a previous "snapshot".

I have a little mpc frontend script called `music` that I just added too -- it now has the ability to define playlists via search terms. I've been collecting music from various places since 2010, and the selection can be quite eclectic and sometimes the transition is very jumpy. But I don't want to assemble playlists at the song level, that's too much overhead for me.

So now I can define playlists via search terms on the path to an audio file.
EG my `jazz_piano` playlist looks like:

# some artists
ryo fukui
gabor szabo
hitotaka izumi
Minoru Muraoka

# generic

# youtube channels that only host this genre (filled in when I import with youtube-dl)

the script can be found here -- https://github.com/neeasade/dotfiles/blo.../bin/music
I've been sparingly, though I wish I could spend more time, working on making "nice fonts", ttf and others, work with xcb ( https://github.com/venam/fonts-for-xcb ). I kinda reached the stage where I have to link everything together in a library-usable way.
At the same time I'm going to document the process plus add a bunch of approachable documents on some X windowing system related concepts that are really lacking in online content.

The big plan is to join all that back with code examples, such as writing a compositor, and then finally, with the new knowledge, continue the refactoring of 2bwm.
I'm currently wasting time in COBOL and FASM just to keep on track. Maybe something important comes out of it.
I'm working a daily news briefing service.

Right now, I'm tryingt to find a good article summarizing algorithm to use in it.

Basically, my concept is this:

- Compile a list of relevant topics that are trending in various news sites (by scanning various social networks looking for news links and determining what's generating the most discussion) and then whittle that list down to about 5 items.

- Try to find the best/most trustworthy news articles on each topic for the day, using a scoring system for news sources and also basing it on the article's length and amount of detail

- Summarize the best article for each topic into less than ~500 words

- Put links in each article summary for Wikipedia pages - so if an article mentions the G7 summit, have a link to the G7 (organization) wikipedia page and a link to the G7 Summit wikipedia page embedded in the article - so the reader can get more details/info if they don't know about something being discussed in the article

- Post the summarized articles on a public web page every day as "The Daily News Briefing"

Additionally, I'll make a companion app for Android that gets the Daily News Briefing every day, downloads it, and notifies the user when the briefing is ready to read.

Basically, I'm making an automated alternative to Google News that briefs the user on what's going on in the world, and gives source links and wikipedia links for further reading.

I'm already learning a lot about making an alogorithm to try and determine what's relevant news, as well as a lot about how a bot like the "Summry.io" bot summarizes news articles. I may never finish this project, but the learning I'm doing along the way is what I like the most.
I worked on a patch for lemonbar that would rotate the text 90deg to the right or left (-R and -r flag).
This required using the xcb-render extension and doing some composite. A great application on learning those topics that aren't that much documented.

The code is on github: https://github.com/venam/bar

And here's a screenshot (The bar is at the top left):
[Image: cBAROD2.png]

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