I like the the WPS Office programs, but that's a non-free program.
<p><h1>About markdown</h1>
<p>Markdown is great as it is ubiquitous, and there are dozen of parsers for it. What I prefer about it is its readability even without conversion. I read it as source rather than html.</p>
<h2>Folks behinnd it</h2>
<li>Aaron Swartz. RIP</li>
<li>John Gruber</li>
<p>I think that it is possible to make a large project fully in markdown thank to <strong>pandoc</strong>, as there are many, many extensions for it. If I remember correctly, pandoc ususe its own markdown format internally to convert any document, so it may writing pandoc markdown may permit to do whatever pandoc can, which is quite everything.</p>
<h2>Many outputs</h2>
<p>For basic figures, plain text files may be enough, as you may see in gopher://</p>
<p>Pandoc. It can then be used as a base to write quite everything, as it is very easy to write.</p>
<h2>Pretty as plain text too</h2>
<p>Tool for viewing markdown in terminal, by converting it to man pages or such:</p>
<li><a href="">mad</a> (bash and perl based) and the newer <a href="">tldr</a> that break the fronters between markdown and man pages.</li>
<li><a href="">ronn</a></li>
<li><a href="">mdp</a> to use markdown-like syntax to make presentations in the terminal.</li>
<li><code>less</code>. Seryously not a problem. It has a search function. Even in tty it is pleasant to read markdown with <a href="">this font</a> and with a <a href="">tty theme</a>.</li>
<p><img src="" alt="less + tty + nothing, just... nothing more. properly configured, that's it" /></p>
<p>See? Even without a root access, with a single print call and a .psf font, you will be able to review any markdown document in a way that looks quite good.</p>
<p>And markdown cuses both setext and atx heading permining you this setup (<a href="">and not set up am I right</a>):</p>
<li>Document titles double underlined</li>
<li>H2 (first actual heading) being underlined, with any length.</li>
<li>Others with multiple <code>#</code> before.</li>
<p>This looks just like any wikipedia default style!</p>
<h2>Sane format</h2>
<p>Have you ever opened a .docx archive and discovered the file with the content? The last time I checked, it was a single line of <a href="">XML</a>. I do not want to check one more time.</p>
<p>Markdown syntax depend on the converter you use, and there are many implementation. But the <a href="">original guide</a> outlines how simple the syntax and how laziness (or writing on a hurry) is not a problem to write valid markdown format. <a href="">CommonMark</a> is an initiative to provide a real stardard.</p>
<p>There are also tools like <a href="">readmd</a> to pretty-format valid but ugly markdown files. I prefer writing valid markdown from the beggining.</p>
<h2>Light setup</h2>
<p>There are many programs on GitHub that convert markdown to html that are no longer that 1000 lines of code.</p>
<li>In <a href="">awk</a>;</li>
<li>In <a href="">perl</a>;</li>
<li>In <a href="">C</a>, the one I use;</li>
<li>In <a href="">many</a> <a href="">languages</a> <a href="">libraries</a></li>
<li>Insert many others here!</li>

<p>PS: I wrote this in markdown and converted it with smu</p>
(03-04-2016, 10:57 PM)sshbio Wrote: Have you ever opened a .docx archive and discovered the file with the content? The last time I checked, it was a single line of XML. I do not want to check one more time.

Best solution to this issue is:
lowriter —convert-to pdf *.doc

Good summary of those tools.

What is smu? Markdown to bbcode?
I couldn't find it online.
<code>smu</code> stands for simple markup, and is a converter for markdown-like syntax to html:

It is written in C with little-to no dependency, but has no extension (tables, etc.).

It converted the post to html. Maybe harmless html (no javascript, no css, no frame etc) does not get removed from the post and is interpreted as-is.
The problem with .docx is that 'others' consider it standard and send you forms in that format to fill out. Preferably laid out using tables (within tables...) instead of setting tabs. I can tell you from experience that LO consistently screws up such layout.
My own word processing is in (Xe)LaTeX, using texworks and TeXlive students nowadays submit all their work in .docx as well; fortunately with minimal layout. Have never yet had occasion to prepare web content, so no HTML. Never looked into markdown either.
groff plus MOM macros is my go-to for text processing besides the usual (insert lightweight markup syntax here) pipe into pandoc. Never could get LaTeX working on my system.
my wife swears by abiword. i dont do much wordprocessing anymore, i do everything in vim. at work i cheat and use googledocs to read crap my coworkers send me.
I write papers in emacs using nroff-mode, then I just
groff -ms file.roff | ps2pdf - file.pdf
Been using libreoffice alittle more these days... docx's are a pain but it works okay.
I just use ed or google docs depending on the circumstances

Although, I have set up a script with pandoc and sendmail to send HTML emails using markdown, just because :D

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