Favorite Terminal Applications - BSD
music: mpd
video: mpv
volume control: amixer
file manager: ranger (evaluating nnn)
terminal emulator: st
text editor: depends ... mostly micro and ed these days
mail client: aerc and/or Emacs with Gnus
image viewer: feh
P2P file sharing: amule
screenshot: scrot
system monitor: depends on the OS - on illumos/Solaris, the built-in *stat tools, else top/htop.
multiplexer: tmux
shell: ksh93
(31-12-2019, 10:43 AM)jkl Wrote: mostly micro and ed these days

Only to brag about it right? ?
music: curl + sox
video: mplayer
sound: pulseaudio (apparently bluetooth support was dropped from alsa)
email: mu, mutt, isync, msmtp, webdump, ldapsearch and a lot of shell glue around it!
image: lel, farbfeld, xscreenshot
multiplexer: dvtm
editor: vis (occasionally mg, but it lack utf-8 support which is bad for french)
backup: dedup + rclone
password: safe
packages: pm (on top of the default of the distro)
shell: mksh
misc: pick (love this one!)
music: mpd + mpc
irc client: weechat
video: mpv
sound: oss4
image: feh
editor: vi
email: -
screenshot: scrot
terminal emulator: st
shell: mksh, rc
password: masterpassword
backup: luck, tarballs + gz
system monitor: htop, ps
file manager: unix utils
Why did you choose OSS4 for sound?
Also, you don't use emails at all?
(01-01-2020, 02:48 PM)z3bra Wrote: Why did you choose OSS4 for sound?
I like the API, also eliminates the need of PA to play sound from multiple sources.
(01-01-2020, 02:48 PM)z3bra Wrote: Also, you don't use emails at all?
I do, but i don't use any CLI/TUI application for it.
(31-12-2019, 01:47 PM)z3bra Wrote: Only to brag about it right? ?

That's why I also have TECO. No, both are fine for simple config changes.
audio: playerctl / mpd / ncmpcpp
video: mplayer
files: coreutils / ranger
irc: irssi
terminal emulator: urxvt
shell: zsh
multiplexer: tmux
system monitor: ps / htop / glances (rare)
editor: vim
screenshot: scrot
image viewer: feh
mail: neomutt
fun: pipes
(31-12-2019, 02:13 PM)z3bra Wrote: video: mplayer

Why not use mpv at this point? Other than "it has more features so is now more bloated". Purely from a configuration standpoint it is better and is actively being developed.

Quote:shell: mksh

I'm starting to use mksh a bit more especially on my headless pi's which struggle with my heavier zsh config, but struggling around finding decent documentation, especially surrounding any interactive features, do you have any resources?

Quote:misc: pick (love this one!)

Thanks for this! This will nicely do as a replace to fzf, especially as these sorts of things get distributed as bin files the majority of the time, and therefore don't work on musl distros.
mplayer is simpler for me given my low-requirements:

* less/simpler compile-time dependencies (no libass/shaderc/lua/…)
* no dedicated project just for building it
* no need for configuration at all (so better configuration doesn't matter to me)
* I had experience with remote URL openning fine in mplayer but not mpv (direct links to the video file!)

So I kept using it as it works well for my needs in the end. I don't need/want an API controlled or scriptable video player. And as I compile it myself, the simpler the better.
And mplayer is still actively developped :)

To be fair, I tried to use ffplay instead at some point, but it is just not a media player at all…

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