Favorite Terminal Applications - BSD
(29-01-2020, 07:41 AM)z3bra Wrote: * no dedicated project just for building it

In fairness that repository mainly seems to be a 'all-in-one' scripts for installing mpv where the distro provides crap base packages. For us this isn't an issue as we at least grab recent copies of ffmpeg or package it ourselves. ffmpeg is so poorly built on many distros it's a joke, often missing support for the most basic of things. Also I won't hate on a project that is a bit more complicated to build actually providing in-depth documentation /themselves/ on their project.

I don't get how you can live without any configuration at all on your video player, but each to their own. For me the interpolation that mpv provides is worth the upgrade alone. Perhaps it was something to do with youtube-dl to why it doesn't open URLs? youtube-dl breaks every two months or so because of google.
I don't hate the project at all. I just don't see any benefits to switching. Honestly I already find mplayer bloated, as all I expect from a video player is to play/pause/seek, and optionally buffer input (not even required, as tee(1) do that well enough).

If mpv break when called with a link to a .mp4 video directly, because of youtube-dl API changing or whatever, then that is one more reason for me to keep using mplayer ^^ At least I know that it does not try to be too smart and simply download/decode the data stream on the fly. If I need youtube-dl in the pipe, I'll add it myself.

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