Favorite Terminal Applications - BSD
music: mpd+ncmpcpp+mpdviz
video: mpv
streaming: livestreamer; torrentflixx
file manager: ranger
irc client: weechat
terminal emulator: urxvt
shell: zsh
system monitor: htop
text editor: vim
screenshot: scrot
torrent client: rtorrent
other/fun: gdb; tmux; colossal game adventure
(06-11-2015, 01:56 AM)dsplayer14 Wrote: music: Windows Media Player
video: Windows Media Player
music/video streamer: Windows Media Player
file manager: Windows Explorer
irc client: Slack
terminal emulator: powershell.exe
system monitor: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
text editor: notepad.exe
screenshot: MSPaint
torrent client: Thats illegal
image viewer: MSPaint
mail client: Outlook
other/fun: Minesweeper

Sheer perfection right here
b4d_config {
music: mpd/ncmpcpp;
video: mpv/vlc;
streaming: mpv/vlc;
file-manager: ranger;
irc-client: weechat;
terminal-emulator: urxvt;
shell: zsh;
system-monitor: htop/iptraf/tcpbump;
text-editor: vim;
screenshot: scrot;
torrent-client: trasmission-cli;
other/fun: tmux/personal&&nixers_scripts
music: moc
video: mplayer/mpv
file manager: ranger
irc client: weechat
terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode
system monitor: top
text editor: vim / trying out neovim for a week now
screenshot: scrot
image viewer: feh/meh
multiplexer: tmux
mail client: mutt
other/fun: 2048, shpaint
(07-11-2015, 02:39 PM)venam Wrote: Accounting on Unix. First time encountering this topic.
Care to clarify?

Yeah ledger is a fantastic double-entry accounting system I use to keep track of our (my wife and I) finances. It's a very flexible system, everything is kept in plain text, you can do budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and it's all very extensible (because plain text of course!). I've seen front-ends people have written in Common Lisp and JS. If you have never taken accounting there is a bit of a learning curve, but I find it to be a great tool. I've used GnuCash and KMYMoney but for my relatively simple needs it's perfect.
Music: cmus
IRC: irssi or weechat
terminal: urxvt
shell: bash
mail: none
system monitor: on-demand status pop-up
screenshot: scrot/scrotup
images: feh or sxiv
file manager: none. Core-utils
editor: vim/leafpad
rss: newsbeuter
other (music): pms/mps
music: cmus
irc: irssi
wm: swm
term: urxvt
shell: mksh
editor: neovim
img: feh
fm: ranger
system monitor: htop
browser: luakit
audio: pulse
other: telegram, nethack

update feb 1 '16:

music: mpd + ncmpcpp
video: mpv
irc: irssi
wm: none (wmutils)
term: urxvt
shell: mksh
img: meh
$VISUAL: nvim
fm: coreutils/ranger
pager: less
text search: ack
sysmon: htop
browser: firefox
irc: irssi/cutrom client (currently working on it...)
wm: xmonad + xmobar
term: st + tmux
shell: zsh
editor: vim
img: feh/sxiv
system monitor: top/sysctl
browser: luakit/elinks
music: xmms2
video: mpv
torrent: aria2c

music: mpv
video: mpv
music / video streamer: mpv
image viewer: mpv
file Manager: coreutils
irc client: weechat
terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode
system monitor: ps / glances
text editor: neovim
man: vimpager -> neovim
screenshot: maim
torrent client: transmission-remote-cli
mail: mutt
other / fun: remember kids to use tmux
Beware son, or soon you'll be using mpv to cook eggs!