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As the title says, is this forum dead?

It kind of looks like it, which is a shame. It looks like a great forum with some enthusiastic users. I also really like the layout of the forum.

So is it dead or...?
This forum is definitely not dead.

It is moving slowly, just as anything with few users. But there's usually some
conversation on IRC, some collaboration on github, and in june there were
some events and challenges that went quite well.

Also, there's a well functioning podcast.

So no, this is definitely well alive and kicking.
Not at all, it's not dead, on the contrary.

We just don't usually post anything if it's not of quality.
Just check around and you'll see for yourself.

Pretty quick on the trigger:
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As venam said this is not dead, it's better to have a forum with great content and few posts than a forum full of post with no quality.

There's always some action on IRC, #unix
Well, I've read through the manpage for the recently deceased. It says: 'live people ignore the new posts and irc. I, myself post and am on irc.
I'm not dead (yet) neither the forum. It just isn't a huge community.
(17-07-2016, 11:53 AM)albertocg Wrote: It just isn't a huge community.

If you think the seventy-something in #unix isn't "huge", you should've seen the fourteen people there back in 2014. We're bigger now than what it used to be back when UnixHub was around.
I guess you guys are right, quality over quantity.

It's just that you often see much more quantity over quality in forums that use MyBB, which I'm assuming you are using (since there are many similarities to a standard looking MyBB forum)- Therefore I assumed that this was the case with this forum as well. I guess I was wrong. My bad!

See you on the IRC.
These forums are another medium to discuss topics around unix. It seems like the preffered one is IRC for most people, which is more volatile.
Not much people create new threads, but many enjoy participating to active topics. We just need more people starting fresh content ;)

Don't be shy!
Speaking of irc, I am trying to connect to it now but I don't see the #unix channel there. These are the only channels I see :

And I connected to it like so :

Perhaps I made a mistake somewhere.

Thank you for any help.

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