First Time you used 'Linux' ? - GNU/Linux
As the title suggests guys

Mine was Redhat Linux 6.2 (Zoot), Release date April 3, 2000

With kernel (Linux 2.2.14-5.0)

I was 13... totally 'ALIEN' to me
I really dont remember when I first time tried ubuntu (it was something like 8.04). Reason for try that is that was that I have been always interested by computer and compuers have always fascinated me.

But about year, or so ago I really started to use linux and first distro was xubuntu and then moved to arch and then to freebsd. I think it was hacking which inspired me to go play with linux but then *nix just took me with it and now I dont really even wanna use windows anymore.

^ short version of my story :D
My stepdad had a Ph.D in CS, our house was full of *nix machines. So I got exposed to it fairly early, with Slackware at that time. I was seven - that was 16 years ago.

Version: 3.1
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RHL was my first experience.
Mint, whatever the latest was when ubuntu 8 was out it would have been that.
Ubuntu 6.x and it sucked so bad I stopped trying for a while then I used backtrack(:3) and then used arch linux then slackware then took interest in BSD, FreeBSD in particular.
Ubuntu 9 > Fedora > ArchBang > Arch Linux > GhostBSD > FreeBSD > OpenBSD
My first time using linux was when I was 11. (Haven't really touched Windows since then, actually)

And yes, I used ubuntu. I believe it was 10.04 at the time :P

Edit: Here is a timeline;

Ubuntu > Fedora > Linux Mint > Arch > Debian > Crux > wherever the fuck I am today.
* My Router. (AKA AP or Gateway)
PCLinuxOS was my first personal use, but I cut my teeth on Novell NetWare 4.x - not really *nix - but not Windows either.
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