First Time you used 'Linux' ? - GNU/Linux
Linux mint > Fedora 16 > archlinux
I don't feel like this is worthy of a new thread, but what age did you guys really start using unix?

For me I was 11, and it was just because the compiz effects appealed to me.
im 14 now i started using linux for about a year ago
Linux today is probs the most laid back/user friendly OS, seeing as it has the GUI install plus all the packages not much need for the terminal in certain

xubuntu (my fav)
Cent OS
Redhat (my fav for server setups)

All have the packages you want a 'simple software centre' so easy.... and beautiful but most people 'scare' of the other OS i once had a xubuntu desktop (left on for 4 months straight) not a single crash lol
I installed Mandrake 8.0 for the first time when I was around 12-13.
It took me about year to make (almost) full transition.
Since then Windows is nicknamed Wintendo and I use it only for games.

My story of desktop distros is not so long and bit hardcore. In chronological order:
Mandrake, PLD, Slackware, LFS, Gentoo, Arch

I run CentOS and Debian on few remote machines.
I installed DSL back when I was in elementary school to a laptop. I then moved to Ubuntu (still in 5th grade :P). I stopped using Unix-based OSes for a bit and then started in 7th grade again with Ubuntu. Horrified with Unity I moved to Fedora. I really liked how bleeding-edge fedora was. I also tried xUbuntu because I wanted to try XFCE. (I'm honestly not sure what time period this is in at this point... maybe freshman year of high school?) Since then I moved to Arch with XFCE. (And here we have today) I used Arch for a long time with ocasional distro hopping, then switched to gentoo (recently), but moved back to arch because compiling became a pain.

I would definitely use FreeBSD if it got KSM support which my gfx card requires. I use it on any servers I maintain.
(12-01-2013, 01:18 PM)Ivyl Wrote: Since then Windows is nicknamed Wintendo

Hehe, that's a new one for me. /me like

Version: 3.1
GCA/IT d-(---)@ s+: a-- C+++(++++)$ UBL*+++ P+++>++++ L++ E W+++$ !N !o K !w !O M+>++ !V PS+++ PE !Y PGP+ !t-- !5 !X R@ tv- b+ DI D+ G e h r++ y+

I read somewhere that the origin of the name "Nintendo" was derived from "Nincompoop," and "Tending."
As in a device intended to keep ninnies busy and out of trouble.
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
2009 when i lost my HDD, Needed something to get my PC to work so i could email my collage work to my tutor. So i used Ubuntu in live mode for a while. Old laptop IDE HDD no store had any.
Back in middle school I decided I'd force myself to dive right into Linux, so I did. Anyways:

Ubuntu 6/7 > Ubuntu 10.04 > CrunchBang > Arch linux
And I dabble with FreeBSD from time to time.

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