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(06-03-2019, 11:50 AM)pyratebeard Wrote: As discussed on #unix here is my current work setup

ok, i'll play...

[Image: W4Vs2HZ.jpg]

- arch on mbp
- dual widescreens (web + term)
- kinesis edge keyboard w/ mx browns + gmk laser key caps
- magictrackpad2 w/ retrowave city sticker
- giant foam stress relief iso enter key
- yubi key nano on an extension cord
- phone stand + charge cord
- cheap skull candies
- jar of misc keycaps
- salt rock lamp
- various floppies
- random toys
- photos
- coffee

matching screenshot

[Image: 6lrHHNT.png]

- wm: 2bwm
-- dmenu
-- dunst
-- sxhkd
-- wallpaper:
--- `~/bin/hashwall -f '#3b4252' -b '#2e3440' -s 12`
- browser: brave
-- startpage / cathexis-nord gtk theme
-- extensions:
--- new tab redirect
--- quick tabs
--- cvim
--- stylus
---- style overrides
- term: urxvt
-- nord colors
-- cmus
-- tmux
-- zsh
-- neovim
-- sysinfo / colorbars scriptz
-- font:
--- hack 11pt w/ devicons + symbola for some extra unicode
---- using a non-bitmap font to spice things up)

You win seventeen chars
My current setup is... nothing.
[Image: Zlau3KX.jpg]

I believe this is cheating because I cleaned my desk yesterday and removed my second display since I'm looking forward upgrading my whole setup.

On desk:
- Lenovo Thinkpad T480 (Bought last week)
- Steinberg UR22 mkII USB Audio Interface which I use mostly for recording music covers and other video projects.
- MoFang Jiaoshi Mf5S (5x5x5 Rubik's cube): i've always liked Rubik's cubes. Only to add some color to my desk while I get maybe some plants.
- WD My Passport Ultra 1TB: using a 500GB SSD this comes very useful.
- Linchpin by Seth Godin: one of my favorite writers. Bought this book this weekend.

Plan to buy:
- Mouse
- Mousepad
- Keyboard
- Monitor
- A nice green plant

There's not much ricing on my computer nowadays, using a pretty much default XFCE with some keybindings.

Here's my work battlestation. There's not much to it, pretty generic stuff.
[Image: YqLcbiE.jpg]
Here's my battlestation at work.

[Image: StNkdtw.jpg]

Basic Toshiba laptop
Coolermaster rapid-i blue switches mechanical keyboard along with a wrist pad.
I don't remember what those earphone are.
A mousepad that I also don't remember about.
The mouse is microsoft "basic optical mouse", it does the job.
The usual notepad with a pen.

I'll post my home station when I'm back.

EDIT: here's my humble homestation:

[Image: jOTTE7D.jpg]
It's the same keyboard and mousepad from work but I reverse the mousepad because it's more comfortable on a plastic table like this.
There's a thermos to keep hot water to prepare tea without having to move from my place.
A chair on the side, because a lot of time time I'm joined by someone.
The "illuminati" pyramid contains game controllers.
Probably the best part about this setup is not about the setup itself but the amount of light I have in my room. There are 4 led lights which always make it seem like it's day time.
hoy, here is my werkstation

[Image: zokW.jpg]

custom blank 60% kbd, logitech trackball, dual 27" apple monitors, mbp, bose qc 2 headphones

chrome, slack, iTerm (tmux, irssi, mutt, newsboat), firefox

wanking from home pyjama day

[Image: z83r.jpg]
Well, well, well... It doesn't look impressive, but I won many battles with that station!
I'm "planning" on changing the monitor and keyboard, but it's been 2 years now that I'm "planning", so...

Sorry for the potato quality, my phone back camera is dead, so you get a selfie!

[Image: battlestation_20190308.jpg]
(08-03-2019, 04:49 AM)z3bra Wrote: Sorry for the potato quality, my phone back camera is dead, so you get a selfie!
Wonder how it managed to take a selfie. w/e

Any reason for your mouse being at a different level? Are you comfortable with that?
(08-03-2019, 08:31 AM)acg Wrote: Any reason for your mouse being at a different level? Are you comfortable with that?

Not enough space on the same level as the keyboard, that is the only reason. It's not an issue though, I rarely touch it
nice station z3bra! it does the job heh
I had the same keyboard back in my early gaming days heh
I luled when I read about the selfie thing haha, I can imagine you doing that
I've updated my post with my home setup.

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