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Bar* is a lightweight bar program, it is easily configurable with conky. I use it in all of my desktop setups, and it works great!

Here is my current Bar* setup (it is usually at a width of 1600 pixels, but I resized it for demonstration purposes, I have a bit of an OCD problem...):
[Image: jjFQv.png]

Now, to run this I just add this to my .xinitrc:
conky | bar -p &

As you can see, the bar is just a place where conky can output information. Also, if you look on the left side of the bar, you can see a simple little rss output, look in the config below to see how that works.

Here is my .conkyrc:
background no
out_to_console yes
out_to_x no
update_interval 1.0
total_run_times 0
use_spacer none

\f3${mem} \f4of\f3 ${memmax} \c\f7${time %H:%M:%S}\r \f5UnixHub: \f4${rss 1 item_titles 1}

Here is my config.h config for the bar itself:
/* The height of the bar (in pixels) */
#define BAR_HEIGHT  18
/* Choose between an underline or an overline */
/* The thickness of the underline (in pixels). Set to 0 to disable. */
/* Whether to put the bar at the screen bottom or not */
#define BAR_BOTTOM 1
/* The fonts used for the bar, comma separated. Only the first 2 will be used. */
#define BAR_FONT       "-*-terminus-medium-r-normal-*-12-*-*-*-c-*-*-1","fixed"
/* Color palette */
#define COLOR0    0x292929
#define COLOR1  0xBADA55
#define COLOR2    0x101010
#define COLOR3    0xcc6666
#define COLOR4    0xFB7D24
#define COLOR5    0xb3930f
#define COLOR6    0x286f8a
#define COLOR7    0x746d76
#define COLOR8    0x42ab9e
#define COLOR9    0xc0c0c0

Those colors are my .Xdefaults colors.

Now, you've seen my configuration, show me yours!

*When I say Bar in this thread, I am referring to the LemonBoy / Bar that you can find here: [the github.](
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Nice and clean bar.
Long time nixers
Nice! I might have to give this a try!
Long time nixers
Here is My Bar, Hope you enjoy

[Image: L7pczzz.png]

*Still Perfecting my bar, will add icons when I get the chance.
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Right on guys, this is exactly the kind of stuff that we need more of. Thanks for sharing.

I don't use conky, and my dwm bar is nothing special. Sorry for not sharing.
bar with some powerlineporn:

[Image: qNqbLGy.png]

or link:
Well, it's not really a bar nor real conkyporn, but if people here use wmii, notion and even stumpwm modeline, you'll notice that you can't really use conky as is with their statusbar system.

For example, you can use conky cli output in wmii's bar, but only if you run conky with the -i flag (conky -i 1 for example), which kind of disable CPU and network statistics (else, wmii will hang on start, for example. Notion will just display nothing iirc, and stump will scream some lispy insults in your face).

So I ended up using a simple solution: piping conky output in a textfile, then echoing this text file in wmii's/notion/stump statusbar/modeline:


conky -c yourconkyconffile | while read -r; do echo $REPLY > /mnt/ramdisk/conkytext; done &

while conky is running, it reads its standard output, then echoes it in a file. Simple, and, for example, in wmii's config, just echo -n $(cat /mnt/ramdisk/conkytext) as your status line feed. And, yay, working cpu and network statistics in your statusbar. It also works in tmux statusbar! :)

I use a little ramdisk for this, as I'm not really fond of waking up my harddisks every second just to write some small textfile. Also, SSDs might not like this kind of constant overwriting of a file

Hoping it'll be usefull to some people here, just wanted to share this little tip.
I also pipe Conky into BAR, using some scripts to change icons based on levels.

panel is started with
panel &
alt + tab brings up the launcher menu with
launcher launcher_apps

[Image: 5lYBm]
»» ««
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[Image: xYA]
Here is my Conky + Bar in MCWM the bottom bar is xmobar with a tiny script to show xmms2 current , weather and simple freebsd uptime.
More screenshots on my Deviantart @
[Image: mcwm___bar__based_on_xcb____xmobar_on_fr...763wp3.png]
(12-02-2014, 03:03 AM)cyberpunkz Wrote: Here is my Conky + Bar in MCWM the bottom bar is xmobar with a tiny script to show xmms2 current , weather and simple freebsd uptime.
More screenshots on my Deviantart @
[Image: mcwm___bar__based_on_xcb____xmobar_on_fr...763wp3.png]

This truly kicks ass! I love it. Very original.
thanks , I put quite some time into it lulz.. i wish i can add workspace tags like u see on other tiling manager. MCWM is not tiling which is what i like about it.. but u still have 10 workspaces. be nice if i can use bar to have tabs for mcwm.. its no big deal as i have to remember everything i have for each workspace lulz.

be cool like take bspwm "workspace tags" and have it for mcwm :P

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You should look into 2bwm, you can have workspace tags with it.
i have look into 2bwm its just the border is different from mcwm and i wish to just have the mcwm back .

and thanks for letting me know, yBeastie. if you got some time to help me out with the workspace tagging or some examples , so i can just see and do my own thing.

thanks for letting me know :)

2bwm is cool by the way. I think its u that fork mcwm , if im not mistaken.

i'm using the mcwm-beast source which i think its by u with the patches .

Hey heres a 2bwm screenshot with pcmanfm, conky | bar , xmobar.

[Image: 2bwm_lilac_theme_by_ipodpunker-d766v7v.png]
Here is 2 screenshots of 2bwm with conky pipe to bar, pcmanfm and tmux + weechat :)

Screenshot 1
[Image: 2bwm_blown_theme___clean_by_ipodpunker-d768ada.png]
Screenshot 2
[Image: 2bwm_brown_theme_weechat_pcmanfm_tmux_ba...768avj.png]
Theme + .Xdefault & bar is all using Terminus font.
Grey Hair Nixers
Nice! Try to use the same font in your terminal and on your gtk theme and your top bar.
it is the same font to be honest, but i took your advice, and re-sized the font.

This is what i came up with, not sure if you consider this a "improvement". I think it looks better. :)

[Image: 2bwm_terminus_font_by_ipodpunker-d7698ms.png]
BSD (OS X & FreeBSD)
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SunOS Solaris.
PekWM :: BMPanel2
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Yes! this is good.
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(19-01-2014, 06:03 AM)funriz Wrote: bar with some powerlineporn:

[Image: qNqbLGy.png]

or link:

Can you post configs? :)
Nothin left to do but smile, smile, smile (~);}
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I'm using bar for the first time and although I have it looking nice (though not finished, still need the desktops), I've clearly done something wrong. Every time it updates, it just creates a new instance on top of the old one, and this quickly fills up the resource limit on X (I didn't even know X had a resource limit). My script for the bar is here. What do I do to fix this issue?
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Updates how, kirby? Like every time the clock changes?
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Every second, it's a loop with 'sleep 1' at the end. You can see how this would really quickly fill up the limit.
kirby, pipe bar after 'done' also you can use while sleep 1; do
something something
echo something | tr -d \\n #trim newline for actually viewing output
done | bar -p #something else

this is my current bar script:


{ #looknfeel

    echo $(printf "#%x%s" $((OPACITY*255/100)) "$1")

    GRP=$(id -g)
    # static colors:
    DATEC=$(makecolor $COLOR3)
    test $GRP -eq 0 && USRC=darkred
    test $GRP -eq 2 && USRC=yellow
    test $GRP -eq 4 && USRC=maroon
    test $GRP -eq 3 && USRC=gray
    test $GRP -eq 5 && USRC=black
    test $GRP -eq 29 && USRC=green
    LDAVGC=$(makecolor $COLOR6)
    DESKCL=$(makecolor $COLOR1)
    FG=$(makecolor $FOREGROUND)
    BG=$(makecolor $BACKGROUND)

while sleep $SLP; do
    test $(($(date +%s)%20)) -eq 0 && NAT=$(curl --connect-timeout $((SLP*2)) -s || echo "(no-*net)")
        INET=$(ifconfig | grep inet | grep -v inet6 | grep -v | cut -d\  -f10 | tr \\n '|')
        BATS=$(cat $BATF)
        test $BATS -gt 80 && BATC=green
        test $BATS -lt 40 && BATC=yellow
        test $BATS -lt 20 && BATC=red
        BAT=$(printf "%3d" $BATS)
        LOADAVG=$(cat $LDAVGF | cut -d\  -f1-3)
        DESKC=$(xprop -root _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP | sed -e 's/_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP(CARDINAL) = //')
        test $DESKC -eq 0 && DESKB=9 || DESKB=$((DESKC-1))
        test $DESKC -eq 9 && DESKA=0 || DESKA=$((DESKC+1))
        # sep
        echo "%{c}%{+o}%{U-}"
        echo " < %{U$LDAVGC}%{A:xterm -e htop &:}$LOADAVG%{A}%{U-} > "
        echo " < %{U$BATC}%{A:xterm -e powertop &:}BAT: $BAT%%%{A}%{U-} >"
        echo " < %{U$DATEC}%{A:xclock &:}$(date +'%A, %Y-%m-%d | %H:%M:%S')%{A}%{U-} > "
        echo " < $DESKB |%{U$DESKCL} $DESKC %{U-}| $DESKA > "
        echo " < %{U$USRC}%{A:systemsettings &:}$USER@$INET$NAT%{A}%{U-} > "
    } | tr -d \\n | tr -s \
done | bar -u$PX -F$FG -B$BG -f$FT -d

exit 0

and this is prev. one


SEP=" | "

for i in 0 1 2 3; do sleep $SLP; done
{ #glob vars
    if [ "$WM" == "twm" ]; then
        desk=($(printf "9\n"; vdesk))
        #desk=$(xprop  -root  _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP|  sed  -e 's/_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP(CARDINAL) = //')
        desk=($(xprop -root | grep -i cardinal | grep -i desktop | grep -iv "xprop\|grep\|cut" | cut -d\= -f2 | cut -b 2-))
        max=$((${desk[0]} - 1))
    dom=`domainname | sed 's/\./[dot]/g'`
    text=("`swapon -s | tail -n1 | tr -s ' ' | sed 's/\t/ /g' | cut -d\  -f1,2,3,4 | cut -b -$((SW-3))`"
          "\f6`uname -mroi | tr -s ' ' | cut -b -$SW`\fr"
          "`date | cut -b -$SW`"
          "`uptime | cut -b -$SW`"
          "`echo \"$user: $who[at]$dom\" | cut -b -$SW`" )
    #`printf "$user: $who[at]$dom" | cut -b -$SW`

while true; do
    text[2]="\\u3`date +\"%A, %Y-%m-%d ¦ %H:%M:%S\" | cut -b -$SW`\\ur"
    text[3]="\\u4`uptime | cut -d, -f1,2,3 | sed 's/\t/ /g' | tr -s ' ' | sed 's/load average:/load:/g' | cut -d\  -f3,4,5,6,7,8,9 | rev | cut -b 1- | rev | cut -b -$SW`\\ur"

    #batf=$(cat $batd/energy_full)
    #batn=$(cat $batd/energy_now)
    #bats=$(( 100 * batn / batf ))
    bats=$(cat $batd/capacity)

    ups=$(cat /proc/uptime | cut -d\  -f1 | cut -d. -f1)
        text[0]=$(printf "\\\u6 Bat: % 3d%% \\\ur ¦ Up: %02dd %02dh %02dm %02ds" ${bats} ${days} ${hrs} ${mins} ${ups} )
        text[0]=$(printf "%*s" $SW "${text[0]}")
        text[3]="\\u4 load avg: `cat /proc/loadavg | cut -d\  -f1,2,3` \\ur"

    if [ "$WM" == "twm" ]; then
        desk=($(printf "9\n"; vdesk))
        desk=($(xprop -root | grep -i cardinal | grep -i desktop | grep -iv "xprop\|grep\|cut" | cut -d\= -f2 | cut -b 2-))

    printf "\n\l ! \c"
    for i in {0..3}; do
    { #Sections
        printf "%-*s" $SW "${text[$i]}"
    }; printf "$SEP"; done
    #i=$((i+1)); printf "%-*s\\\r ! " $((SW-3)) "${text[$i]}"
    for ((i=${desk[1]}-3;i<${desk[1]}+4;i++)); do
        if [ "$i" == "${desk[1]}" ]; then
            printf '\\\\\\u1 %d \\\\\\ur' $i
        elif [ $i -lt $min ]; then
            printf " $((i+${desk[0]})) "
        elif [ $i -gt $max ]; then
            printf " $((i-${desk[0]})) "
            printf " $i "
    done | { read x; printf "%*s  ¦ %*s" $((SW-${#who}-1)) "$x" $((SW-${#x})) "$who" ; }
    printf "\\\r ! "
}; sleep $SLP; done | /usr/bin/bar -pfl

exit 0

Slax 7.0.8 (32-bits + PAE)
Version: 3.1
GE/CS/CM/S d+@ s-:- a--- C++++(++) UL+++ P+ L+++ E?() W+++(++) N? o? K- w+
O M-- V- PS+ PE Y? PGP- t+ 5? X++++(+++) R- !tv b+ DI? D- G e- h+ r-- z--
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(15-07-2014, 05:12 PM)pvtmert Wrote: kirby, pipe bar after 'done' also you can use while sleep 1; do
something something
echo something | tr -d \\n #trim newline for actually viewing output
done | bar -p #something else

I'm not entirely sure I understand what's going on here, and can't get it to work myself. How do you get the bar to see what's being echo'd? If I end in

tr -s /
done | bar

I get 'Unexpected end of file'. You know you can use 'echo -n' to get rid of the newline right?
backslash is important, i used to squeeze spaces into one...
you got it about echo -n

you have to pipe to bar 'after' all output. you can think as while never prints eof so bar will stay open and being refreshed.

all you have to do is
while sleep $((SLEEP));
echo -n "hello world"
done | bar #args
Grey Hair Nixers
Here is my bar configuration:

[Image: xrnris.png]

The smaller squares are workspaces, and the larger on on the end is a tiling/monocle mode indicator. If in monocle mode, the bar turns into clickable title text for windows in the workspace:

[Image: ymlffx.png]

and a link to it's configuration!: link
Long time nixers
What is the difference between lemonbar and dzen2? What can I do with dzen2 that I cannot do with lemonbar (and vice-versa)?
Grey Hair Nixers
> What can I do with dzen2 that I cannot do with lemonbar

dropdowns/the notion of a 'heading' on dropdowns. personally I think the lemonbar experience is "cleaner" wrt constructing sections with settings (I made a small helper for it).

Speaking of necrobumps, I recently updated my own panel configuration -- I now use i3blocks to drive lemonbar, through jq. See the madness here. i3blocks generates _a lot_ of output, so I debounce it. I still use a theming system to generate my i3blocks config -- here's an example of what an i3blocks config might look like: . The 'season' script is responsible for theme ideas around panel sections.