(25-01-2020, 08:27 PM)eduarch42 Wrote: Yeah, i have tried 9plan (9front actually) because i want to take inspiration to a set of programs i'm trying to develop. A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that will consist of several independent programs. Meaning if i want to add distortion to a sound file, i'll need to first open the file opener program and then in a way chain it and pipe the output of the file to a distortion one. Having a "unix philosophy" based music creation suite.
https://github.com/ftrvxmtrx/neindaw maybe?
(28-01-2020, 08:54 PM)Halfwit Wrote: In plan9 there's control.h, which could be technically mangled into a file server for creating UI applications from say, a shell script. It's crazy cool. It uses channels internally (think Golang channels) but! Very important to state, it's unfinished, and a bit janky. The idea is there though.
Thanks for the recommendation, although i'm trying to develop it for it to be cross-platform. The 9plan topic was just for me to take inspiration in GUI pipes.
My tinkering process has taken me into a different perspective in how this software could look. I came up with making a general main program which will have inner windows like a piano-roll, note editor among other things. You could pipe for example the piano roll into a sound file and then pipe it into the note editor to replay the notes after.
The piping could be done with nodes (like the ones used in blender) and dragging and dropping. There's also the VSTs which in the music creation world are like plugins that provide new instruments, for handling them i could just create a "companion" program that will accept the VSTs file and open a window with the VST's UI in the main program with the other inner windows. I'm thinking developing this with rust and Dear ImGUI.
Any feedback appreciated

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