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There's a RPi 2 B, including a media kit, for sale at MassDrop right now, you can pick one up + enclosure for $59 + shipping. I've been considering it, not sure if I'll pull the trigger or not...

(11-10-2015, 05:07 PM)chc4 Wrote: $59 + shipping

I dunno I might just want to get mine without all the accessories for cheaper
I just bought a pi kit on Amazon and am gonna be replacing my desktop with it. Don't worry, I have a good laptop to do heavier stuff on ;)
A braver man you are than I.. I recommend an X environment that is lightweight like wmutils.
I like my little 9berry.
When I am finished with fred, I am going to move my programming to the unix successor.
Hey guys, quick question.

I have a server running on an RPi that has two main jobs. Firstly, it host an incredibly simple website that is just a bunch of file indexing with University textbooks for me and my friends. Secondly, it hosts an SMB server on the internal server so it can serve up PS2 games from the harddrive.

Unfortunately, the latter task is way beyond the Pis capabilities. The games are slow to load and freeze frequently. On researching, it turns out the Pi doesn't have Gigabit Ethernet, and has Ethernet and USB share the same bus. Is there a decent replacement, or am I looking at a 'regular' motherboard and just making a server? I've seen the Banana Pi and the Orange Pi Plus has Gigabit Ethernet, would either of these be up to the task? Basically, what's the cheapest thing I can get to maximise network throughput?

EDIT: Also buying a Banana Pi does not seem like an easy task all the websites looks sketchy as.
What version of the RPi have you been using? The pi's are pretty shitty all-in-one boards compared to the rest of the market, but I haven't researched any of them recently.
they're also the cheapest I think
Currently using a Model B (512MB RAM), I have a 2B but haven't bothered setting it up, I think it suffers from the same issue. I'm looking to go a bit more expensive because the Raspberry simply isn't up to the task.
i have tons of these little things and i have no idea what to do with them. any ideas?

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